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Merit Network, Inc. provides discounted SSL (secure socket layer) certificates from Comodo, a trusted international vendor. Comodo is an industry leader in security software, providing the highest levels of SSL security. Pricing is available below. You must be a Merit Member in order to purchase, please see below for details on Merit Memberships.

Ordering SSL Certificates

Please use the dynamic form below to order your SSL certificates. You will first need to select the kinds of certificates. You will then be transferred to Comodo to finish your SSL certificate order. The form below requires that javascript be turned on in your web browser.

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Terms and Conditions: All purchases are subject to Merit Network's Terms and Conditions as well as Comodo's Certificate Subscriber Agreement. Payment is due upon 30 days of receipt of invoice.

Merit Membership for MeritLicensing

Full membership benefits include Member rates for Professional Development events, MJTS, Merit exclusive email lists, Merit Advisory Council representation, full participation in the Merit Licensing Program, and more. Membership is only $750 per year.

If you would like more information about becoming a Merit Member or our SSL Certificate Program contact our Sales Team at or by phone at 734-527-5785.

Frequently Asked Questions

See our SSL Certificate FAQ for answers to commonly asked questions.

Certificate Offerings & Pricing Information

  • Comodo SSL certificate - Our basic offering enables the use of an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate, which provides assurance to your users that session information from your site cannot be tampered with, protecting data with up to 256 bit encryption. A 2048 bit digital signature verifies that traffic is only coming from and going to your website or service.

    Description 1 Year Rate 2 Year Rate 3 Year Rate
    Standard SSL Certificate $95 $172 $220
    Price Per Year   $86 $73

  • Comodo Wildcard Certificate - A Wildcard SSL Certificate allows you to use the same SSL certificate for multiple subdomains, providing cost savings and simplification of deployment and support. For example, you could have,, and all covered under the same Wildcard SSL certificate.

    Description 1 Year Rate 2 Year Rate 3 Year Rate
    Wildcard SSL Certificate $435 $830 $1,180
    Price Per Year   $415 $393

  • Comodo EV SSL Certificate - An Extended Validation SSL Certificate provides enhanced security by requiring additional identify verification of the website owner before the certificate is activated. In leading web browsers an EV certificate will highlight the address bar in green, thus providing greater peace of mind for your site visitors.

    Description 1 Year Rate 2 Year Rate
    Extended Validation (EV) Standard SSL Certificate $415 $660
    Price Per Year   $330

  • Comodo EV MDC Certificate - Like Wildcard certificates, a Multi-Domain Certificate (MDC) allows you to serve multiple domains from one certificate. With an MDC certificate you can cover a number of domains. For example you could have,,, and MDC certificates are ideal for organizations who host applications for multiple clients with each client using their own domain name. The EV MDC Certificate features the same enhanced verification and browser functions as the EV SSL Certificate.

    Description 1 Year Rate 2 Year Rate
    3 Domains (price is per Domain) $280 $495
    Price Per Year   $248
    4 - 2,005 Domains (price is per Domain) $95 $190
    Price Per Year   $95

Please use the form above to order the certificates for your organization.

For more information about the MeritLicensing - Comodo SSL Certificate Program, please email or 734-527-5785.

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