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10/21/2014 Merit Completes REACH-3MC Fiber-Optic Infrastructure Project
08/04/2014 Broadband Success in Michigan
06/30/2014 Merit extends fiberoptic network by 2,300 miles using CommScope fiber solutions
11/20/2013 REACH-3MC Broadband Project Dedication
11/20/2013 Broadband Stimulus Project completed in Menominee
11/19/2013 Merit-orious Beginning
10/29/2013 Merit Reaches 3,800-mile Mark
3/24/2013 Soo Library Boasts New Fiber-Optic Connection from Merit
2/17/2013 Merit Broadband Dedicates REACH-3MC Project To Houghton Lake Community
1/18/2013 Officials hope new fiber-optic infrastructure will lure business to Hillsdale
12/04/2012 High-speed Internet connection expected to be ready this month
7/24/2012 Web network upgrade completed in county
7/23/2012 Broadband network project passing through area
7/23/2012 Web Will Get Faster In Monroe County
7/02/2012 Utility work underway
4/26/2012 RAPS to allow county to connect to fiber optic network
3/8/2012 Broadband coming to Cass
3/7/2012 Merit Network Selects Juniper For Routing, Switching Hardware
3/1/2012 Horwood announces resignation from City Commission
1/25/2012 Internet access to improve
1/23/2012 Merit Network expands broadband access in Michigan
1/21/2012 Broadband project unveiled
1/21/2012 District agrees to be Merit's hub
1/20/2012 Merit fiber-optic network launched
1/19/2012 Fiber network nearly reality
1/12/2012 District agrees to be Merit's hub
1/11/2012 Community Meeting to feature Fiber-Optic Network Route through Grand Haven
1/5/2012 Internet contract OK'd by Charlevoix County leaders
10/10/2011 Work starts to broaden Web service
10/7/2011 Merit Network Has Big Plans For NE Michigan
09/23/2011 Reed to serve region
08/31/2011 County Board OKs pact for fiber optic network
08/18/2011 Non-profits encouraged to participate in future Merit network
08/11/2011 Denton Township fire hall to house Merit servers
06/29/2011 Broadband technology network connects economy in Upper Peninsula
06/27/2011 Merit Names Fiber Optic Vendors For Stimulus Broadband
06/17/2011 Merit hosts community meetings on fiber-optic expansion
01/12/2011 All Aboard on Broadband
08/19/2010 Big broadband deal OK'ed
08/19/2010 Speedy U.P. Web link lands U.S. grant
08/19/2010 MSU gets $6.1M to increase broadband coverage
08/19/2010 Bloomingdale Communications gets $5.6 million for high-speed network in Van Buren
08/19/2010 Grant will fund broadband expansion in region
08/19/2010 US Gives $81M to Michigan for Broadband Projects
08/18/2010 Broadband grant to create, retain 946 jobs
08/13/2010 Oscoda Community Meeting on August 13, 2010
07/28/2010 Merit Network to host REACH-3MC Community Meeting at Glen Oaks on August 3rd
07/12/2010 Community meetings focus on new fiber optic network for West Michigan
06/28/2010 Merit to Begin Backbone Expansion
04/30/2010 Getting Up to Speed (PDF)
03/19/2010 High-speed Internet to be more accessible in Niles Township
02/23/2010 Broadband for everyone?
02/12/2010 Expanded broadband access coming
02/06/2010 Federal grant meant to improve Web service
02/02/2010 Stimulus grant will speed up Internet in region
02/02/2010 Broadband comes to county thanks to stimulus cash
01/29/2010 $33.3 million state fiber-optic network will include CMU
01/28/2010 Merit Network wins REACH-3MC broadband stimulus proposal
01/27/2010 Merit Network gains $33M in federal stimulus investment
01/27/2010 Broadband Stimulus Grants Being Announced on Rolling Basis
01/26/2010 Merit Network wins broadband grant
01/24/2010 Grant expands access in Michigan
01/23/2010 Broadband extension coming to Lenawee
01/22/2010 Grants to widen access to Internet in Michigan
01/22/2010 $33.3M federal grant to help fund fiber-optic network across Michigan
01/21/2010 Funds boost area broadband effort
01/21/2010 $42 million in funding to expand broadband access and adoption
01/21/2010 Broadband Plan: View Map Of Where You'll See Better Service
01/21/2010 Easier Web Surfin'
01/20/2010 U.S. Department of Commerce awards $33 million grant for rural Internet access in Michigan
01/20/2010 Michigan gets grants to expand Internet access
01/20/2010 $33.3 million federal grant to help fund 1,017-mile fiber-optic network across Michigan
01/20/2010 Stabenow, Levin: $42 Million for Michigan Broadband Expansion
01/20/2010 More "Middle Mile" Projects Funded by NTIA
01/20/2010 Granholm Announces $34 Million in Recovery Act Grants to Expand Broadband Access in Michigan
01/20/2010 Big Broadband Stimulus Grants for Middle-Mile Networks in N.C. and Michigan
01/20/2010 Merit Network wins REACH-3MC Broadband Stimulus Proposal

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